Skill Details / Front End Development

85 %

I have long time experience in Front end Development.

have good knowlede in css, html and javascript core. Have in-dept knowledge in How browser render a webpage and how javascript work on a page.

I have in dept knowledge in this folowing technology

  • html5
  • css3
  • javscript
  • canvas
  • web components





Web Animation

I love to implement web animation, it increase web page quality and user experience, i use following technology in Web Animation.

  • css3
  • javascript web animation api
  • SVG and SVG Animation


worked on svg, svg icons and reuseable svg.


progressive web application.

Assests and Response Optimization

in website assets and response size is matter, so optimized assets and reponse is very helpful for faster web app or website. i have working experience in this.

gzip, http2, and HTTP Header for faster website

I have in dept knowledge in gzip , http2 and http caching header. They allow us to compress our network load and cache when necessary.